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Carpets are hard to keep clean and are easily marked or stained. First Home Repairs provide carpet cleaning services throughout Pontefract, Wakefield and Castleford; we are efficient at getting those stains away quickly and effectively, making your carpets look and feel brand new. Our experienced cleaners will be able to tackle any domestic stain, leaving any spoils or spills unnoticeable.

Often you get one chance to clean a carpet, thereafter if not resolved it becomes a much harder and less certain process to remove the stain. In the first instance lay a clean white cotton cloth over the stain to soak up the spill. Do not put any cleaning product on the carpet or start rubbing it. If the stain is heavy, then try to keep it moist with clean cold water, then contact us.

Our service provides a solution for tough, hard to remove stains using specialist products and equipment, such as a steam cleaner, to give you quality results. Keeping all of our customers satisfied and happy with our work is our main priority so your carpets will be cared for and cleaned to the highest standard.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

The difference between cleaning carpets yourself and using a professional service is big. Our carpet cleaning service use high quality machinery and commercial cleaning solutions/products producing effective results, compared to cheaper supermarket bought products.

Using our skilled and professional service can solve your problems, which could mean that you don’t have to replace your carpets, which could save you thousands. Our services range from stain removal on both carpets and rugs, to odour removal caused by pets and shoes, or simply a regular carpet clean, making your home look and feel fresh with no hard work.

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